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Shea Coakley is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on improving people’s daily lives.  Shea has spent the last 15+ years creating meaningful ventures aimed at health, wellness and happiness.  Human connection is at the forefront of all of Shea’s endeavors. 

Notable Ventures

Shea Coakley

Shea Coakley

Shea Coakley is an entrepreneur with a focus on products and servies that can improve the human condition.  Shea lives with his wife and two daughters on the South Shore of Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.  Shea is a deep believer in human connection and loves nothing more than hearing about other people’s passions.  When not working on his own business ventures or with his family, Shea like to spend time with others in the innovation and venture community. 

What He's Passionate About


Consumer Products

I like working on products that are easily accessible and can improve some aspects of the buyers' life.


Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is still in its infancy and I enjoy working to use THC to improve mental and physical wellbeing.


Food Tech

Food and technology are intersecting at a 3.0 revolution of convenience and discovery.


I've worked with companies in all kinds of areas to create go-to-market strategies, fundraise and turn profitable.



A pillar of my daily life is centered around mindfulness and meditation.


Mental Health

Mental health is the great problem of our generation, with a number of people suffering and feeling disconnected. I look to destigmatize this problem, particularly in men.

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Shea Coakley is an entrepreneur 

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