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State of the Art Roastery & Brewery

State of the Art Roastery & Brewery If it’s not clear enough in its name, Back Bay Roasters knows where it came from.  Rooted in the grain of the region, the cold brew roastery gathers notes of native flavors right here in MA.  Fully in control of every step of the manufacturing process, Back Bay Roasters is roasted and brewed in-house.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a Shea Coakley co-founded venture if the spice of innovation wasn’t present!  So it should come as no surprise that Back Bay sets itself apart from the rest of the coffee roasteries by being the only ready to drink cold brew coffee that’s crafted, packaged, shipped and enjoyed cold from bean to bottle. 

Cold Brew Coffee Products

Shea Coakley’s Back Bay Roasters serves up a dynamic range of cold brew coffee options.  Highlights include Beacon Black (a standard black baseline), Common Wealth (a creamy cold brew latte) and Harbor Side (a thirst quenching cold brew tea).  All flavors are shipped and served cold, to preserve a smooth, fresh taste that stays delightfully energized from brewhouse to bottle.  Also available from the Back Bay Roasters line is the Beacon Black Box, which brings coffee on tap to pep up any occasion.  Shea Coakley’s co-founded ventures, LeanBox and Grind Coffee, facilitate a partnership between Back Bay’s cold brew and convenience.  All flavors are available for office coffee services, offered by Coakley’s office-centric beverage services.  But, of course, Back Bay Roasters is enjoyed by all who are looking to kick start their day — anytime, anywhere.

Grind Coffee

Shea Coakley is Co-Founder of Grind Coffee, a craft coffee company that’s reinventing coffee in the office. Co-Founded with Peter Roy and Kyle Roy, Grind Coffee powers LeanBox’s office coffee services. In line with the LeanBox motto, Grind Coffee is dedicated to serving up something fresh, flavorful and fun.

Boston Grind Coffee

It all starts with chucking that flavorless, watered down break room coffee away and welcoming in flavor. 

It’s safe to say that a large majority of professionals run on coffee and tea.  Our ideas and productivity are energized by the fresh, aromatic wave of that morning brew.  With the hustle and bustle of our personal and professional lives molding together, convenience is key.  Setting aside time to pick up coffee on the way to work isn’t always practical.  And to say the least, it’s almost never productive.  When we aren’t able to make that coffee pitstop on the way to the office, we’re left to our own devices, AKA the breakroom brew.

But, let’s face it:  sometimes that communal pot of joe is severely lacking in sophistication.  When employees don’t want to settle for instant coffee mixes of powdery who-knows-what concoctions, what are they to do?

That’s where Grind Coffee comes in — with delicious, direct trade, gourmet coffee that embraces flavor and fully delivers to get the morning grind going. 



State of the Art Roastery

Artisanal and affordable:  now that’s not a pair you often hear intertwined.  Yet that’s exactly what co-founder Shea Coakley’s venture, Grind Coffee delivers.  Grind Coffee offers custom roasted, blended and brewed coffee and tea that’s not only regionally sourced, but also fits within a reasonable budget.  Treating roastery as an art form in and of itself, the coffee brand is dedicated to solidifying the presence of high quality, flavorful coffee in the office setting.

Grind Coffee specializes in a variety of coffee and tea brews.  Beverage options include classic, single origin and organic coffee, as well as caffeinated and decaf tea.  Notes of robust, caffeinated blends to calming, aromatic blends — Grind Coffee serves up a diverse range of flavors in their constant rotation of high quality, micro-lot roasts that are always in season.

Office Services

Grind Coffee delivers custom brewed beverages, such as nitro, cold brew, craft tea, and hot coffee.  The roastery’s cold brew, nitro, kombucha and tea kegs offer up a unique highlight of convenience and freshness that compliments any breakroom.  All orders are fully customizable with the goal of being tailored to satisfy each office’s individual needs and palate preferences.

With nearby notes fused directly into their products, Shea Coakley’s Grind Coffee is roasted in small batches, right in New England.  The company prides itself on its dedication to sustainability and eliminating coffee waste by partnering with Bootstrap Compost.  Grind Coffee is directly affiliated with Shea Coakley’s other office food and drink focused ventures.  The service’s coffee brews are roasted by Back Bay Roasters and available for LeanBox delivery.

Lean Box

In 2013, Shea Coakley co-founded LeanBox, an automated food and beverage service that blends health, convenience and technology in office settings.

LeanBox Logo

Shea Coakley co-founded LeanBox alongside Peter Roy and Kyle Roy with a clear message: to reinvent the presence of food in office settings in a manner that meets an employee’s modern pace.  It all began with a wholesome idea to provide company employees with access to a wide range of fresh foods and nutritious snacks in their work environments.  The Roy’s and Coakley also wanted to spice up the selection of drinks available to employees in the office.  Breaking down the monotony of water coolers and outdated vending machines felt like the ticket to bringing a combo of health, productivity and excitement into the workplace.

LeanBox is a one-of-a-kind, innovative food service that delivers fresh food (including fruits, dairy products, seltzer water and more) to offices in convenient, refrigerated kiosks.  A collaborative effort between co-founders Shea Coakley, Kyle Roy and Peter Roy, LeanBox kiosks fit perfectly into a company culture focused on wellness and productivity.  Afterall, when you nourish the body, you nourish the mind as well!


LeanBox currently offers five unique service plans: Fresh Food & Snacks, Hot Coffee, Coffee on Tap, Water and Fruit & Dairy.

Office Fresh Food

Lunch breaks are a necessary moment of pause during the workday.  On particularly busy days, breaking away from the tasks on our plate can be helpful.  Sometimes, even just reaching for a snack can be the recharge you need to come back to the table with fresh ideas.

Leanbox Launch table-samples

The ‘Fresh Food & Snacks’ service from LeanBox delivers custom selections of snacks, fresh meals and beverages on a regular basis.  All LeanBox kiosks are internet-connected, allowing Shea Coakley and his team to conduct inventory management in real time, to ensure that your office’s kiosk stays stocked with what your employees need — and love!  LeanBox deliveries are made every other weekday, keeping your variety stocked and fresh.

Visit LeanBox’s official website for more information on service plans that feature coffee, fruit, dairy and water — and so much more!


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